Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What are the opening hours?

Monday - Friday: 07.30 - 00.00 hours (exercising until 23h00)
Saturday: 08.30 - 21.00 hours
Sunday: 09.00 - 17.00 hours

  • What are the costs?

You purchase the sports card once. Every year you extend your subscription. This means you pay immediately for the whole year. The Month card, 3 Months card and the Half Year Card are an exception to this. You find the price for your sports card here.

For the lessons from our class schedule, you don’t have to pay any extras. For the courses there is mostly a small fee required, which you pay at the moment of registration. As a student you can also join one of the 38 student sport associations. The costs therefor are different with every association.

  • Where can I reserve a facility?

By logging in, you can go to Bookings and find the facility that you want to reserve.

Sports card

  • What’s included in a sports card?

With a sports card you can practice all sports the SSC offers. This means that you can participate in all 400 lessons per week (registration needed), you can follow any course that start every quartile (registration needed!), you can participate on your own level or recreational with one of the 38 student sport associations and you can use the SSC facilities. You can find more information here.

  • How does a sports card work?

You only have to purchase this sports card once and then you can extend it every year. For TU/e students and - employees the Campus card functions as a sports card. Every time you come to the SSC, you have to scan your sports card at the entrance. You can find more information about the sports card here

  • How can I buy a sports card?

TU/e and Fontys students and employees can buy a sports card by logging in on our website. For TU/e students and employees the campuscard is immediately activated as sports card. Fontys students and employees also need to come to the SSC-info desk to get their sports card. Other Universities and Hogescholen can buy a sports card at the SSC-info desk with their ID-card and proof of enrollment 2020-2021.

  • How can I renew my sports card?

TU/e and Fontys students and employees can renew their sports card online by logging in on our website. Other Universities and Hogescholen can renew their sports card at the SSC-info desk with their ID-card and proof of enrollment 2020-2021.

  • My partner isn’t a student or employee, can he/she still get a sports card?

For the same price* partners can participate in the same programs and make use of the same facilities. When purchasing the sports card, please come both to the SSC info counter and bring some proof of partnership (e.g. marriage certificate, shared bank account, shared mortgage etc.) when buying the sports card. NB: a partner cannot buy a sports card when the (potential) sports card holder doesn't have a valid subscription.

* Partners of TU/e, TU Delft and TU Twente alumni pay a higher amount for a sports card. 

  • I’m graduated, can I still exercise at the Student Sports Centre?

When you have graduated, you can exercise at the SSC till one year after getting your diploma for the student price. For TU/e and Fontys Alumni, who have graduated longer than one year ago, we have a special settlement. You find the prices here.

Class schedule

  • Can I participate in every lesson from the class schedule?

Every group lesson in the class schedule is open for sports card holders. Registration for group lessons is mandatory. There are no extra costs. Only students can join the association lessons. You need to contact the association to participate in the class. 

  • Do I need to register for a group lesson?

Yes, during COVID-19 you need to register to participate in a group lesson. 

  • Do I need to bring anything to a group lesson?

Materials that are needed in a group lesson, are provided by the SSC. You only need to bring good sports clothes and clean indoor shoes. During COVID-19 it is not allowed to use the mats of the SSC, you are free to bring your own mat. 

  • When can I free swim?

You can find the moments of open swimming here.


  • What are the opening hours of the fitness?

Monday till Friday: 07h30 – 23h00
Saturday: 08h30 - 21h00
Sunday: 09h00 - 17h00

  • Which fitness area is best suited for me?

The 'Orange zone', fitness hall 1, focuses on your strength. If you want to train not only your stamina, but also your strength endurance, than the 'Red/Blue zone' is the place to be, fitness hall 2. The 'Blue zone', fitness hall 3, focuses on training your stamina. See our folder to see what fits you the best, or ask one of the fitness teachers for advice. Fitness area1&2 are on the first floor, Fitness area 3 is on the ground floor.

  • Do I need to register for the Fitness?

Yes, you need to register for the Fitness. 


  • When can I register for a course?

Every quartile the new courses begin. Two weeks before the start of the course on Tuesday, the registration opens. Keep an eye on our website and social media to stay up to date.

  • How can I participate in a course?

When you want to participate in a course, you have to log in via our website and go to 'Courses'.


  • Who can I contact for questions about nutrition and health?

For general questions you can contact Manon van Lint: For specific questions about nutrition, you can contact Yvonne de Kinkelder:   

  • Is there someone I can go to when I have an injury?

On the SSC we have a physiotherapist, Rebeka Trča: By logging in on our website, you can make an appointment for advice. The physiotherapist will look at your injury, ask you some questions and give you an advice. You can find the available time slots in our booking system.


  • I tested positive for COVID, what should I do now?

Did you recently exercised at the SSC and shortly after that got a positive result of your corona test? Then we ask you to report this to us. In case of a positive result you can send an e-mail to Please mention which group lesson or facility you visited in the two days before your complaints started. This way we can inform other sports card holders who were also present. 

  • Which indoor facilities are open for (free) sports?

All indoor facilities are open for free sport. 

  • Do I need to make a reservation for (online) classes and facilities?

Yes, everything is by reservation.

  • Are the changing rooms open?

The changing rooms are open. There are only 8 persons allowed per changing room.

  • Are the lockers available?

You can use the lockers. However, it is NOT allowed to change your clothes at the lockers.

  • Do you keep teaching online classes?

Yes, the Fit@Home program stays available on our YouTube channel. So you can always watch and follow a class! You do need to register for the live lessons.

  • Are the tennis courts open?

Yes, tennis is possible at the tennis courts. It is not allowed to play tennis with a non-sports card holder; all participants must have a sports card.

  • ​​​​​​​Can I rent rackets and balls?

It is possible to rent rackets and balls at our information desk. You hand in your sports card as a deposit.

  • Can I only pay with PIN or also with cash?

You can only pay with PIN.

  • Can I still book a nutrition, fitness or physio consultation?

Yes, the nutrition, fitness and physio consultations continue.

  • How will the SSC compensate for the months that it has been closed?

More information about the compensation can be found here

In all cases we follow the guidelines of the RIVM and other government organizations.