(COVID) Info Sports Program

On this page you will find an overview of all current sports possibilities and our Covid guidelines.

Update April 21: From April 28 the night time curfew will be lifted, exercising will be possible till 23h00. 

- Outdoor Workouts                 - SSC Sports Café                      - Swimming pool
- General rules                              - Fitness                                          - Student sport associations
- I've tested positive                 - Tennis/Beach field                - Golf
- Courses                                          - Fit@Home                                  - Frequently asked questions




19 April the registrations for the courses in quartile four will open at 19:00! Although we are not allowed to do everything yet, we are offering six different courses:

1. Back support ONLINE
2. Ballet Barre workout ONLINE
3. Pranayama (breathing) course ONLINE
4. Running basic & basic + ON CAMPUS
- These courses are only available for people up to 27 years old due to government measures
5. Tennis course basic & basic + ON CAMPUS
- These courses are only available for people up to 27 years old due to government measures 
6. Sleep well, Feel fit ONLINE

For more information or questions you can send an e-mail to ssccursus@tue.nl.


Fit@Home: Online classes | Fit Break Club | Consultation Hours



Since group classes are not possible for the time being, we offer our varied Fit@Home program as an alternative!

Online classes
Cardio Core, Zumba, Pilates, Core Stability, Stretch and much more. We also offer a Master Class every week! With our Online classes you will stay in great shape! Log on to our website, go to 'Reservations' -> 'Fit@Home Lessons' and choose the location 'SSC YouTube' or 'SSC Skype'. Ten minutes before the lesson starts you will receive by email the link to the YouTube video! See below an overview of the online group lessons!

Fit Breaks: join the Fit Break club!
Never forget your daily active breaks during study or work with our Fit Breaks! Get some fresh energy, stretch your muscles and socialize a bit. The Fit Break brings all these components together. In a 15-minute online meeting, you take the break you need, get stretching exercises from a professional instructor, and socialize with others through MS Teams! You don't need any sportswear.  

And the best part? We have a Fit Break Club! When you join our club, you'll never forget to take that 15-minute break again. You will automatically receive invitations to all Fit Breaks one week in advance. Send an email to m.c.grunewald@tue.nl to become a free member.


  • Fitness Advice: Do you need help putting together a personal fitness schedule or do you want to get tips on how to properly exercise at home, then sign up for the online Fitness Advice! 
  • Food Coach: The nutrition advice takes place online. You can not book this consultation through the website, but by sending an email to sscfoodcoach@tue.nl with: your questions, 1-3 day food diary and the days & times when a 30 minute appointment can take place. Food Coach Yvonne will then send you a meeting request for a consultation through MS Teams as soon as possible.
  • Physio Consultation: Physio consultations can take place online or offline. When you have made a reservation, please send an email to r.trca@tue.nl with your complaints, questions, whether you want the consultation online or offline and your MS Teams or Skype Business name. Please bring a large towel for an offline consultation.

Can't attend at your reserved time? Then cancel your registration to allow another sports cardholder to participate! #nomorenoshow

Outdoor Workouts

Finally we can workout together again...but by ourselves! As of Monday we will start with 'Outdoor Workouts' such as Core, BBB, Cardio Core and HIIT on our Hockey Field Water. Here's how it works:

1. Prior to the workout, you can already check out the exercises on our YouTube Channel, playlist 'Outdoor Workouts', so you can prepare yourself. 
2. On the Hockey Field you perform the workout by yourself, but in the presence of twenty others, all at least 1.5 meters apart. Isn't it nice to see some other people again?
3. Our instructor will not be teaching, but you can approach him/her for questions and tips, to make sure you will do the exercises correctly. And let me tell you, they are so happy to see you guys again!

We will provide the equipment and make sure the workout will take place within the Covid measures. All you have to do is sign up via our website: class schedule ----> Hockey Field Water. You can have 2 outstanding reservations for the next 14 days. See you soon!



Indoor fitness is currently not possible, however, we do offer Outdoor Fitness. Our outdoor possibilities are divided into two parts: free training and theme hours. 

Free training 
During the free training hours there are several options that you can book:
1. Playground Open: During these free training hours you can do your own exercises on our Playground with various materials. 
2. Calisthenics Open: Make use of the outdoor Calisthenics rack to do exercises. 
3. Synrgy Open: Make use of the outdoor Synrgy rack to do your exercises. 
4. Workout Run Open: Take part in a workout run on the outdoor facility. At the start you will be given a card with a choice of Cardio or Strength exercises. At each part there is a card where the exercises are explained. 

Log in -> Go to reservation -> Choose 'Outdoor Fitness' -> Select your free training option at location and make your reservation!

In the files below you can find more information about the free training sessions. 

Do you want advice on a specific fitness activity or a personal fitness schedule? Then book a Fitness Advice under 'Consultation hours'.

Theme hours
From Monday to Thursday evening we offer the following Fitness theme hours:
1. Calisthenic hour: Calisthenics is a form of exercise consisting of a variety of movements that exercise large muscle groups (gross motor movements), such as running, standing, grasping, pushing, etc. These exercises are often performed rhythmically and with minimal equipment, as bodyweight exercises.
2. TRX/Kettlebell mix hour: Dynamic mix of body weight, strength and Interval training to push your body to the limit.
3. Urban Cross hour: During this class you will improve your endurance, strength, strength endurance and your technique of complex exercises.

During these hours, a Fitness instructor will give you exercises beforehand, which you will then perform yourself. The instructor walks around to observe and correct where necessary. Everything is done within the corona rules of the government. 

Log in -> Go to reservation -> Choose 'Class Schedule' -> Select 'Playground' as location -> Reserve your favorite theme hour. 

Tennis / Beach field

It is mandatory to reserve the tennis court. Log in and go to 'reservation'.

  • Reserve only a court if you are sure you will play.
  • Make only one reservation as a tennis couple. When reserving a tennis court, you have to fill in at least one other email address from a fellow player. This must be the email address that which is known to the SSC.
  • Starting Tuesday, March 16, sports card holders from 27 and older can also play doubles again.
  • Do not play tennis with a non-sports card holder. Should this happen, you will have to leave and you will not be allowed to book a court again.
  • Should you not be able to make it, then cancel your reservation online, so someone else has the chance to play.

Beach field
It is mandatory to reserve the tennis court. Log in and go to 'reservation'.

  • You can reserve the beach field with 1 to 3 other persons. When reserving the beach field, you have to fill in the other email address(es) from your fellow player(s). This must be the email address that which is known to the SSC.
  • Do not play with a non-sports card holder. Should this happen, you will have to leave and you will not be allowed to book a court again.
  • Should you not be able to make it, then cancel your reservation online, so someone else has the chance to play.

Student Sports Associations

Student sports clubs are allowed to train in teams again. Contact your association's board to see if training will resume for you. Do you want to join an association? An overview of all associations can be found here: 38 student sports associations


Golf will remain possible! Hitting some balls at the driving range is only possible individual and you can only be with max 4 persons in a flight.
If you want to hit some balls on the driving range or do 9 holes, you need to book in advance by phone between 09h30 -10h30 and 13h30 - 14h30: 040 245 9551. The safety protocol and other info can be found on www.golfcentrumeindhoven.nl.

SSC Sports Café



The SSC Sports Café is open for Take Away. Here you can get various drinks and food. Take Away is open from Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 17:00 & on Saturday from 08:30 to 14:00. From 28 April, the terrace of the Sport Café will be open between 12:00 and 18:00. Here you can sit with 2 persons on a designated spot. You can sign up on location. 

Swimming Pool


The pool will be open for children's swimming starting March 16. The pool will be closed for all other activities until further notice.

I've tested positive, what should I do now?



Did you recently exercised at the SSC and shortly after that got a positive result of your corona test? Then we ask you to report this to us. In case of a positive result you can send an e-mail to sciinfo@tue.nl. Please mention which group lesson or facility you visited in the two days before your complaints started. This way we can inform other sports card holders who were also present. 

Frequently asked questions

Here is an overview of the most frequently asked questions:

  1. Which indoor facilities are open for (free) sports? Answer: Currently all of our indoor facilities are closed.
  2. Do I need to make a reservation for (online) classes and facilities: Answer: Yes, everything is by reservation.
  3. Are the changing rooms open? Answer: Locker rooms are currently closed. Please change at home.
  4. Can I use the restrooms? Answer: All restrooms are currently closed. 
  5. Are the lockers available? Answer: The SSC is currently closed. 
  6. Do you teach online classes? Answer: Yes,the Fit@Home program is available on our YouTube channel, so you can always watch and follow a class! You do need to register for the online lessons. 
  7. Are the tennis courts open? Answer: Yes, tennis is possible. Starting Tuesday, March 16, sports card holders from 27 and older can also play doubles again. It is not allowed to play tennis with a non-sport card holder; all participants must have a sports card. 
  8. Can I rent rackets and balls? Answer: No, renting rackets and balls is not possible at the moment. 
  9. Can I buy a sports card? Answer: Yes, you can still become a member of the SSC: more info.
  10. Can I pay only with PIN or also with cash? Answer: You can only pay with pin. 
  11. Can I still book a nutrition, fitness or physio consultation? Answer: Yes, the nutrition, fitness and physio consultations continue online. Physio advice is also possible on location. 
  12. How will the SSC compensate for the months that it has been closed? Answer: we will make a decision on this; it also depends on the duration of the lockdown. We hope to come up with an answer soon, thanks for your patience.

In all cases we follow the guidelines of the RIVM and other government organizations.


Opening hours SSC 
Monday - Friday: 07h00 - 00h00 (exercising till 23h00) 
Saturday: 08h30 - 21h00 
Sunday: 09h00 - 17h00 

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