Update renovation and construction SSC

December 12, 2022

Several preparatory work for the rebuilding and renovation have already been carried out. After the Carnival holidays, in February 2023, the first pile will officially go into the ground!

The northern new part mainly involves the expansion of the SSC with a new fitness area, Body&Mind studio, dojo, locker rooms, workspaces and side entrance. According to the current schedule, we can then start using the new sports rooms on the north side from the end of January 2024!

In the Summer of 2023, some installation work will be carried out in Hall 3, which will put Hall 3 out of operation in July and August. After the summer vacation of 2023, the hospitality area and part of the locker rooms will be addressed and thus also temporarily out of service. From September 2023 to June 2024, renovation work in the current SSC building will begin in phases and the connections of the new building section to the existing building will be made. The final completion of the new building and renovation of the SSC are scheduled for the end of June 2024.

All in all, a challenging and long process that will also involve some inconvenience. However, we have planned the renovations so that sports can continue as much as possible. We hope for everyone's cooperation and understanding in this regard so that we can create an even more beautiful SSC!

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