Start of new construction and renovation SSC

May 30, 2022

For some time now together with Real Estate we have been working on new building- and renovation plans for the SSC.

New plans for the SSC

In the last years the number of students and employees playing sports on the TU/e campus has grown, which is a great development. To keep up with this growth, an expansion and partial renovation of the SSC will be realized.

In the future SSC there will be one central space for fitness, there will be a body & mind room, a new Dojo and also the entrance and catering will be renewed.

Start in June 2022

Soon the realization will start. As of June 2022 the realization will start of a new transformer building on the north-west side of the SSC. This means that passage through and to the northern entrance is no longer possible.
After the summer vacation the new building on the north side will be realized. Mid 2023, when the new building is ready, the catering, entrance, current Dojo and various changing rooms will be renovated. It is expected that the new SSC will be ready in early 2024.