Home Workout Plan

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Missing the SSC Fitness? Then put together your own Fit@Home Workout Plan and stay in shape! On our YouTube Channel you can find instruction videos of all our exercises, so you will be able to perform them the right way. Thanks to the set-up of this program, it is challenging for both beginners and advanced. In just 4 steps you can personalize your perfect Home Workout Plan!

- Duration: 6-8 weeks
- Training days per week: 3 to 4
- Amount of sets: 1 (all exercises are performed for 1 set)
- Rest time between exercises: 90 seconds
- Duration per training: 20 to 30 minutes

Fit@Home Program

Fit@Home Program!
In order to keep exercising and stay healthy, we have set up the Fit@Home Program. Subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow our social media (Facebook and Instagram: @ssceindhoven) to stay updated with our online programma.

- Live classes
- Recorded workouts
- Stay at home challenges
- Health instructions: healthy recipes, instructievideos for safely working from home
- Online consultation hours: Fitness Advice, Physio Advice, Food Coach

Week schedule
Each week we put together a new schedule full of live lessons, recorded classes and consultation hours. So keep a good eye on our website and social media. Here you can find the complete schedule complete week schedule and here the live lessons.

Fuse Boardgame
A fun way of exercising is by playing the ‘Let’s Play Fuse’ board game. A fun and challenging way to beat your friends in a game AND do a workout at the same time! Our instructor Knud explains more in this video.

All you need for this game are:
1. Dice
2. Fuse Board
3. Fuse Exercises

A fun and challenging way to beat your friends in a game AND do a workout at the same time! Do you have a Creative Home Fitness idea for us? Challenge our instructors to create a brand new workout with your object of choice. Books, a bucket or maybe even a pillow. Let us know!

FAQ temporary closure SSC

Since the closure of the SSC yesterday, we have received a couple of questions. We try to answer these questions here as good as possible:

  1. Which facilities and locations are closed until 1 June? Answer: Until further notice all SSC facilities and through the SSC rented facilities for its sports program are closed. For developments, please keep an eye on our website and social media.
  2. Do you refund (a part) of the SSC sports card now that the SSC is closed? Answer: Short subscriptions (1-3 months) that were bought in March will be compensated or will be extended as soon as we open. For compensation measures for longer running subscriptions, look here: info mail compensation.
  3. Will you offer online classes? Answer: Yes! We have set up the Fit@Home program! We offer now recorded and live classes via our YouTube Channel. We also offer, among other things: Online Physio Advice, Online Fitness Advice, and Online Food Coach.
  4. Do you refund courses? Answer: not at this stage. Together with the participants we will look for alternative dates or content for courses. Our employees will contact the participants..For questions, you can always contact us:
  5. When can I book facilities and services again? Answer: now you can book the following services: Online Fysio Advice, Online Fitness Advice and Online Food Coach. Only when the SSC reopens, it will be possible to book facilities again.
  6. When will the SSC reopen again? Answer: This is still unknown. It will depend on upcoming developments and the guidelines of the RIVM, TU/e and other governmental organisations. At the moment we will be closed until 1 June, but hope to open sooner.
  7. Will our (association) tournament go ahead? The TU/e board has cancelled all events until 1 September, so all student sports tournaments are hereby also cancelled until this date. The go-ahead of events planned after 1 September will depend on upcoming developments. Should you have questions, please contact the ESSF (, association manager Tjeerd Thomassen ( ) or general manager Peter Geurts ( ).

In all circumstances we will act in accordance with the guidelines of the RIVM, TU/e and other governmental organizations.

Online Advices: Physio, Fitness and Food

As long as the SSC will be closed, we keep offering support in Health & Vitality and Fitness for our sports card holders. We offer now ‘Online Physio Advice’, ‘Online Fitness Advice’ and ‘Online Food Coach’.

- Physio Advice: Tuesday and Thursday (30 minutes between 15h00-17h00)
- Food Coach: Tuesday (15 minutes between 14h30-16h00) and Thursday (15 minutes between 10h30-12h00)
- Fitness Advice: Monday and Wednesday (30 minutes between 14h00-16h00).

Which questions can I ask?
Since the advice goes via Skype/telephone, we can only offer support in specific subjects:
- Physio advice: questions about musculoskeletal system problems related to work, leisure and sports.
- Food advies: general diet questions. For questions about your diet in relation to a condition/disease, please contact your dietician.
- Fitness advice: questions about exercises, your training schedules or drawing up a new schedule.

How do I make an appointment?
Log in to our website and go to 'Reservation’ ----> Consultation Hours and book a time spot. Please, try to book at least a day in advance.

After receiving your conformation mail, please send a mail to: Physio Advice: (Frits Niemans), Food Coach: (Yvonne de Kinkelder) or Fitness Advice: (Atef el Allouche) with the following info:

  • Day and hour of appointment of your booking
  • Phone number you want to be reached on or do the Skype call
  • Short description of subject you want to discuss


Opening hours SSC
Monday - Friday: 07.30 - 24.00 hours (exercising until 23h00)
Saturday: 08.30 - 21.00 hours
Sunday: 09.00 - 17.00 hours