Locker tokens now available at the change machine

As of today, the change machine near the infodesk only dispenses locker tokens an no more 1 Euro coins. The locker tokens can only be used at the SSC and are not exchangeable for money. You can either PIN or pay by CASH. If you pay with PIN you can buy max. 1 locker token per payment. The machine does not give change.

Compensation measures 2020-2021

First of all, we would like to express our thanks for your patience and trust in our sports centre. Although during the lockdown we have offered and continue to offer our extensive Fit@Home program and various outdoor activities, we fully understand that we could not realize the same offer as you have come to expect from us. Therefore we have decided to compensate the following sport cards:

Type of sports card


Year card
Condition: applies to al year cards.

Extension of validity of the sports card until December 31, 2021

Half year card until 31 January 2021
Condition: all half year cards valid until 31 January 2021

Extension of sports card by 1.5 months from 18 May onwards.

3 months card 
Condition: purchased between November 14, 2020 - December 14, 2020.

Extension of sports card by 3 months from 18 May onwards.

Month card
Condition: purchased between December 1, 2020 - December 14, 2020 

Extension of sports card by 1 month from 18 May onwards.


- There will be no compensation for sports cards purchased after the lockdown was declared (December 14).
- Unfortunately, due to organizational and administrative reasons, we cannot offer any financial compensation.

For questions you can always contact



The SSC introduces from 10 May a no-show policy for all reservations. This means that not showing up for your reservation is no longer without consequences. If you are not able to show up, you have to cancel the reservation at least 1.5 hours (90 minutes) before the activity. This will free up your spot for another participant in time. This way more sports card holders can exercise! If you do not cancel on time, there will be consequences. Not the first time, but if this happens more often. 

Why is this so important?
At the SSC we want as many students as possible to make use of our sports program. We constantly anticipate to this by using spaces smartly, offering popular classes more often, optimizing the schedule and by adding new classes. We are also aware of the fact that due to the Covid-19 restrictions some time slots are still quickly filled. As a result, we have to disappoint participants more often. In addition, we regularly notice that sports cardholders who have reserved a spot do not turn up in the end. This is of course extremely annoying: we rather give these 'empty spots' to other motivated sports card holders. That's why we say: #nomorenoshow

How does the No Show work?
When you don't scan on time, cancel your reservation too late or don't show up, you will receive a No Show warning. Of course, this can happen once. At the second time this happens, you will get another warning. At the third No Show you will get a block of two weeks. This means that you will not be able to make any reservations for two weeks. You will, however, still be able to follow up on the reservations you made before the blockage occurred. Should it happen that you have another No Show during this two week period, the two week block will start again. 

How do you unsubscribe in time?
In this instructional video you can see how you can easily unsubscribe: reservation and cancellation. Furthermore, you will receive a confirmation from us by e-mail every time you make a reservation. In this e-mail you will also find information on how to cancel.

How do you make sure you won’t receive a no-show?
How do I make sure that I scan correctly and that I don't get a No Show? You can put yourself on attended by scanning your sports card at the entrance, or by scanning the QR code with our special app for the outdoor facilities. To scan the QR code you need to follow the next steps:
1. Download the 'SSCE Access' app via the Google Play Store or Apple Store.
2. Log in with the same credentials as you log in to our website.
3. Scan the QR code with the app to put yourself on present. 

  • Do you always have to scan? Yes, you can come in and scan at least 30 minutes before your first reservation starts. If you come even earlier, you will not be noted as attended. Forgot your sports card? Then you can come to the information desk, our staff will put you on 'present'.
  • Do you have to scan between classes? With a maximum of three consecutive lessons, you do not have to scan in between lessons. If there are more than 60 minutes between your reservations or if you have a fourth reservation, you will have to scan again.
  • How late can I be? If you scan more than 45 minutes after the start of your reservation, you are too late and have a no-show.

Questions and suggestions
If you unexpectedly encounter problems when unsubscribing or have other questions, you can always contact us via