No More No Show

If you've made a reservation, we assume that you will show up. Can't make it to your reservation? Cancel your reservation at least 90 minutes in advance, so your spot will be open in time for another participant to join. This way, we can continue exercising together as much as possible!

If you don't cancel your reservation on time or not at all, you will receive a NO SHOW warning.


When you cancel your reservation too late, don’t show up for your reservation of forget to scan your sports card or the QR code, you will get a ‘No Show’ warning. When you get a third No Show warning, you will be blocked for two weeks. This means that you will not be able to make new reservations for two weeks. Reservations that you made before you were blocked, can still be followed. However, if you don’t show up for a reservation during the time you're blocked, the blockade will start again with two weeks from the reservation you missed. No Show warnings are removed after a while. On 1 February and 1 September the No Shows you have will be reset and you will go back to 0 No Shows.

There are a few things you need to pay attention to in order to not get a No Show:

  1. Come to your reservation and mark yourself as present
    You do this by scanning your sports card at the scan pole at the entrance or by scanning the QR code via our app for outdoor facilities. 

    To scan the QR code for outdoor facilities, follow these steps:

    - Download the “SSCE Access” app via the Google Play Store or Apple Store.
    - Log in with the same details as you log in through our website
    - Scan the QR code to make sure you are present


  2. Cancel your reservation in time if you can’t make it!
    In this instructional video you can see how you can easily cancel a reservation. Also, you will receive a confirmation email from us when you make a reservation, which also contains information on how to cancel a reservation.

There are a number of conditions attached to the No Show policy. It is possible that you have multiple reservations in a row, or that you want to exercise individually first and attend a group lesson after. We therefore adhere to the following conditions, or parameters:

  • Scan your sports card within 90 minutes before your first reservation. Are you coming earlier than 90 minuter before your first reservation? Then you will have to scan your sports card or the QR code again in between.
  • The maximum time between reservations is 90 minutes (with a max of three reservations). If you have four reservations or more than 90 minutes between reservations, you must scan your sports card again.
  • You can scan your sports card up to 90 minutes after the end of your first reservation. 
  • You can cancel your reservation up to 90 minutes before the start. 

We work with a reservation system to have a better track of attendance to the various classes on different times. Also, it guarantees safety of having enough space to move and having enough materials. In this way we can also inform our guests faster about changes or class cancelation caused by different reasons. For the fitness we maintain working with a reservation system because in this way we can spread the crowds throughout the day and maintain the safety and quality of trainings.

As a result, time slots or group lessons can sometimes be full, which means we have to disappoint people sometimes. With the No Show, we want to prevent sport card holders from making a reservation and not showing up and thus keeping a place occupied for other motivated sport card holders.

Besides, we want emphasize that you should not forget to scan your sports card or the QR code when you're coming to work out. If you don't scan, the instructors don’t know that you're inside and you will automatically get a No Show. Therefore, don’t forget to scan!
Did you forget your sports card or you can’t scan it? Please report this to the infodesk, so they know you're attendant and you will not receive a No Show.


Were you present during the reservation but forget to scan your sports card or the QR code? Or do you have a valid reason for not showing up or cancelling to late for your reservation? You can then also send an e-mail to They will consider whether your No Show warning remains valid or will be withdrawn.