If you have made a reservation, we assume you will show up.If you don't show up, cancel your reservation to late, of forget to scan your sports card of the QR code, you will receive a NO SHOW warning.

Fitness: a zone for every goal.

Whether you have experience or not, you can start your SSC Fitness journey in any zone. In which zone you begin or through which zones you move all depends on your goal(s). Below you can read about what you can do in each zone. SSC Fitness is divided into three different areas, Fitness 1 & 2 are on the first floor, Fitness 3 is located on the ground floor. In each area you can reach a different goal. The 'Orange zone', fitness hall 1, focuses on your strength. If you want to train not only your stamina, but also your strength endurance, than the 'Red zone' is the place to be, fitness hall 2. Fitness hall 3 focuses on training your stamina, strength, mobility and other facets of Fitness. All Fitness halls are open to all sports card holders during our opening hours.


To keep fitness fun for everybody, the SSC has a few house rules. It is compulsory to use a towel at all machines and to wear sports clothes and -shoes.

Fitness Course: Start your journey

Every sports card holder can use our fitness areas. Should you not have that much experience with fitness, then you can as a beginner follow our fitness course. During this course, you learn how to handle the machinery in a safe and effective manner, how to exercise with the free weights and which compound exercises you can do. You also learn our house rules. It's the perfect course to start your fitness journey.

Ladies Fitness

If you thought fitness is only for big, strong men, think again. Fitness is also suitable for achieving a nice lean figure, strength endurance, and developing good health. During the ladies fitness course, you learn the basics of fitness training methods. After finishing this course, you also get authorization for fitness hall 3 on your sports card.

Fitness Classes

The SSC Fitness offers every week Fitness Classes. You can always participate in these classes, without registration! Read more about what the lessons contain and when you can join in the documents below. 

Personal training

SSC Fitness offers personal training (PT). During these sessions, one of our licensed instructors will guide you through a safe and effective fitness program. The SSC also offers a training in a small group (small group training).

Advice and schedules

SSC Fitness offers basic schedules. You can also make an appointment with one of our instructors, to get personal fitness advice including a schedule.