Group lessons

Be part of a community that moves and motivates each other! The classes you want, the energy you live for!

80 group lessons per week | Registration mandatory | Qualified teachers | Lessons are for both beginners and advanced

All our group lessons!

Check our calendar to see when your favourites group lessons take place: complete sportsprogram 

Acro Yoga

Modern Dance



BBB (belly-bottom-legs)


Body Pump

Power Band Workout

Body Shape Mix (staff only)

Salsa L.A.


Show Dance

Cardio Core


Circuit training

Stretch Class

Core Class

T'ai Chi

Core Class Advanced

Yoga Ashtanga Self Practice

Core Stability

Yoga Hatha


Yoga Kundalini

HIIT- Grit Cardio

Yoga Power

HIIT- Grit Strength




House Rules Group Lessons



  • It is mandatory to use a towel in all group lessons where mats or the Dojo mat is being used.
  • Clean indoor shoes and sport clothes are required.
  • Please leave your clothes in the changing room or in the lockers. Don't bring them to the sports hall.
  • Get changed in the changing rooms, this also goes for putting sports shoes on. 
  • After a class has started, it is not possible to join anymore. Please show up 5 minutes before start time.

Thank you for your cooperation! Check all our house rules here: SSC house rules

Advice | Feedback | Info

Should you wish more info, have doubt about which group lessons suit you the best or like to share (positive) feedback, then please contact our group lessons coordinator Greta:


Opening hours SSC Summer Schedule (6 July - 30 August)
Monday - Friday: 08.30 - 23.00 hours 
Saturday: 09.00 - 17.00 hours 
Sunday: Closed