SSC Open Week

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Get connected in April!

Get to know the Student Sports Centre Eindhoven during the SSC Open Week. In Open Week you can use the facilities and try out the sports we offer at SSC. We also offer extra activities during the Open Week such as workshops, Fit Checks and other special activities which you can participate in. 

Enough to experience during the SSC Open Week. For questions mail

What is the Open Week?

Students and employees of TU/e and Fontys can get to know the facilities (tennis- and squash courts excluded) of the SSC in the week from Monday 25 April to 1 May 2022. During the Open Week you can participate in activities that we regularly offer at the SSC without having a student sports card. 

Please note: On Wednesday 27 April, the SSC will be closed due to King's Day.

NB: only students and staff members who are eligible for a student sports card can participate in the Open Week. Non-students and employees of other companies/organizations cannot participate.

Get Connected
During the Open Week, all sports card holders can get their (inactive) colleagues and fellow students in action by bringing them to the Open Week. The special programme will be announced shortly. 

Fill in the voucher and join the Open Week!

Download your voucher, print it out and fill in your name, education and e-mail address. This voucher is your entry permit and you hand it in at the front desk: download here

Special program

Both sports card holders and non-sports card holders from Fontys and TU/e can participate in our special Open Weekprogram.

TU/e students and employees can sign up for one or more Open Week activities following these steps:

  1. Click: log in sports card holder (even if you don’t have a sports card;
  2. Log in with your TU/e or Fontys account;
  3. Go to: Special Events and click on Open Week;
  4. Select week 25 April to 1 May;
  5. Click select location and choose the activity and;
  6. Reserve your spot for the activity you want to participate in.
  7. You will receive an email confirming your reservation

NB: Non-TU/e students and employees can register for the Open Week special activities by emailing

SSC Tour
During the SSC tour one of our professionals will show around our facilities and you have the chance to ask all your questions about our sports program. We will gather at the SSC meeting point next to the info counter.

Day & hours: Mon: 17:00-17:30 | Thu: 16:45-17:15 | Fri: 12:00-12:30
Location: SSC Meeting Point
Max. number of participants: 10 per tour
Registration mandatory: Yes

Spinning Marathon
Want to really challenge your stamina? Then sign up for the 3 hour Spinning Marathon to push your boundaries and find your limits! A sports card is not required, so get your roommates, colleagues or classmates off that couch to join you! Both non-sports card holders as sports card holders have to sign up, as there are only limited bikes available. Bring a towel, indoor shoes and water.

Day & hours: Monday 25 April | 18:00-21:00
Location: Spinning Theater
Max. number of participants: 25
Registration mandatory: Yes

ESSF Board Game Night
Who is in for a night filled with amazing board games, drinks and nachos. We have a wild selection of board games, ranging from Exploding Kittens, Jenga, to 30 seconds and many more. Sign up quickly via the SSC website, there are only X amount of spots. See you there, may the best gamer win!

Day & hours: Monday 25 April | 20:00-22:30
Location: SSC Sports Café
Max. number of participants: 80
Registration mandatory: Yes

Group Classes Technique Workshop
During the group classes technique workshop we will be going through various exercises with and without weights. This is an opportunity to work in a relaxed environment to improve your technique or even just to ask any questions that you may have about group classes or anything regarding health and exercising. Bring a towel, comfortable clothing, indoor shoes and water.

Day & hours: Tuesday 26 April | 20:30-21:30
Location: Gymnasium
Max. number of participants: 30
Registration mandatory: Yes

Fit Check XXL
Do you want to determine your starting position in your journey to a healthy lifestyle or keep track of your progress in your personal process? Sign up for the Fit Check XXL! It’s a regular Fit with many extras. Besides the different tests, our nutrition coach, fitness instructor and physiotherapist are ready to answer your questions. If you have problems with sleep, you can have a sleep screening done! In short, it’s an informative check for everyone who is curious about a healthy lifestyle.

Day & hours: Tuesday 26 April | 13:15-15:00
Location: Hall 2A
Max. number of participants: 2 persons per 10 min
Registration mandatory: Yes

Workshop 'Positive thinking in your work, study or sport'
In this workshop, the participants work on positive self-talk, a commonly used technique in sports and performance psychology. On the basis of theory and practical methods, insight is given into your own thought patterns and what influence this has on how you feel and behave. You will receive tools to challenge thoughts and to convert them into effective positive thoughts. The workshop ends with writing a script in accordance with the technique of positive self-talk, including cue words suitable for you that you can use immediately. After this workshop you will succeed in having more control over your thoughts and improve your performance.

Day & hours: Tuesday 26 April | 12:00-13:30
Location: SSC Conference Room
Max. number of participants: Min. 10, max. 30
Registration mandatory: Yes

Crosswim is a high-intensity, hybrid workout program that combines short bursts of running and swimming with bodyweight exercises. It’s fast, it’s furious, it’s fun, and it’ll kick your butt into shape on the double!

Day & hours: Tuesday 26 April | 17:45-18:45
Location: Swimming Pool
Max. number of participants: 20 persons per group
Registration mandatory: Yes

Urban Cross Training 
Urban Cross Training is an advanced outdoor crossfit-style group class. During this class you will improve your endurance, strength, strength endurance and your technique of complex exercises. The class will start with a good warming-up to prepare you for the workout. The class will go on with a skill- or technique-training. You will get advice and exercises to improve, for example, your squat or clean. After that you’re going to do the ‘Workout Of the Day’ (WOD). During this part you’re going to do a mix of cardio, strength and explosive exercises. To finish the class we do a cooling down to improve the recovery. More info: Urban Cross Training.

Day & hours: Thursday 28 April | 19:15-20:15
Location: Playground
Max. number of participants: 6
Registration mandatory: Yes

Workshop Deadlift 
During this workshop you will learn all the basics of the deadlift movement. The deadlift is an exercise where you lift a barbell of the ground with a proper form until you stand straight up. You will start with easy variations and will slowly build up to the final form of this fitness exercise. A fitness instructor will help and guide you during this process, so everybody is able to learn and to improve him or herself!

Day & hours: Thursday 28 April | 20:20-21:20
Location: Playground
Max. number of participants: 8
Registration mandatory: Yes

Live Music | By Student proof
Jazzmine is a band full of enthusiastic musicians part of Studentproof Jazz, the student jazz association of Eindhoven. With the funky grooves of Stevie Wonder, swing jazz from Frank Sinatra and Elton John's sing-alongs, the evening really does have something for everyone.

Day & hours: Thrusday 28 April | 20:30-22:30
Location: SSC Sports Café
Max. number of participants: n.a.
Registration mandatory: No

Dance Social Evening: Salsa Event
Clear your schedules for 28 April! Join us for a lovely evening full of dancing. No dance experience needed, just a good mood and you might surprise yourself. An unforgettable evening full of dances and best Latin music is guaranteed. Come to socialize, meet new people and have a drink!

Day & hours: Thursday 28 April | 20:30-23:45
Location: Pavilion
Max. number of participants: No
Registration mandatory: No

Intro practices Student Sports Associations

The student sports associations organize special introduction trainings during try-out week. It is possible to join practice at one of our 38 fun-loving and sporting student sport associations.

Skate/ Longboarden | Avalanche boarders
Join us on the covered spot in front of Metaforum for sick tricks and smooth rolling. The event will be held in the evening starting around 19:00 until we are physically unable to skate anymore. We will make sure to bring some additional boards for those who are without a deck or want to try something different. If you want to make sure there is a deck for you please subscribe).

Day & Hours: Tuesday 26 April 2022 | 19:00 
Location: Markethal Metaforum
Max. number of participants: n.a.
Registration mandatory: click here

Snowboarden | Avalanche boarders
Try out Snowboarding with the Avalanche Boarders. Snowboards can be rented at Montana. Boots can be rented for free at Montana, but clothing and a helmet can be rented for a small extra fee (so bring your own if you can). Costs are E19.50 euros and includes a board and shoes. A helmet costs E3,- and is compulsory, as are gloves. Avalanche Boarders will make sure there’s transportation to Montana. We gather around 16:30 at the bridge over the Dommel near the Student Sportscentre of the TU/e.

Day & Hours: Thursday 28 April 2022 | 16:30 departure SSC 
Location: Montana Snowcenter
Max. number of participants: n.a.
Registration mandatory: click here

Open Fencing Tournament | Hoc Habet
Try-out Fencing; a fast, fun and noble sport. Experienced or no experience, all students can join.

Day & Hours: Monday 25 April 21:30-23:30 
Location: Hall 2A 
Max. number of participants: n.a.
Registration mandatory: click here 

Canoe Polo | Okawa & E.S.W.Z.V. Nayade
Try-out Canoe Polo; a fun and exciting sport. Experienced or no experience, all students can join.

Day & Hours: Thursday 28 April 13:45-14:45
Location: Swimming Pool
Max. number of participants: n.a.
Registration mandatory: Mail to: or or fill in this form

Pole Fitness | SPV Blue
Try-out Pole Fitness with SPV Blue. Experienced or no experience, all students can join.

Day & Hours: Monday 25 April 19:30-20:30
Location: PoleFitness Studio
Max. number of participants: n.a.
Registration mandatory: click here  

Aerial Silks & Aerial Hoop | SPV Blue
Try-out Aerial Silks & Aerial Hoop with SPV Blue. Experienced or no experience, all students can join.

Day & Hours: Friday 29 April 16:00-17:00
Location: Gymnasium
Max. number of participants: n.a.
Registration mandatory: click here