SSC Open Week

Discover the SSC!

Wat is de Open Week?

Studenten en medewerkers van TU/e en Fontys kunnen in de week van maandag 6 tot en met zondag 12 september 2021 kennismaken met de faciliteiten van het SSC (tennis- en squashbanen uitgezonderd). Tijdens de Open Week kun je deelnemen aan activiteiten die we regelmatig aanbieden op het SSC zonder een sportkaart te hebben. 

NB: enkel studenten en medewerkers die in aanmerking komen voor een studentensportkaart kunnen deelnemen aan de Open Week. Voor niet-studenten en medewerkers van andere bedrijven/organisaties is deelname niet mogelijk.

Get Connected
Tijdens de Open Week kunnen alle sportkaarthouders hun (inactieve) collega's en medestudenten in actie brengen, door ze mee te nemen naar de Open Week.

Get connected in september!

Maak tijdens de SSC Open Week kennis met het Studentensportcentrum Eindhoven. Maak kennis met de faciliteiten en sporten die we aanbieden op het SSC, daarnaast bieden we tijdens de Open Week ook extra activiteiten aan. Zo kun je bijvoorbeeld deelnemen aan workshops, Fit Checks en andere speciale activiteiten. 

Genoeg te beleven tijdens de SSC Open Week. Voor vragen:


Vul de voucher in en doe mee!

Ben je voor het eerst op ons Studentensportcentrum? Download de voucher, print hem uit en vul je naam, studie en e-mailadres in. Deze voucher is je toegangsbewijs en geef je af aan de balie: download hier.

Speciale programma

Zowel sportkaarthouders als niet-sportkaarthouders van Fontys en TU/e kunnen deelnemen aan ons speciale programma: Inloggen – Reserveren – Open Week.

Beer tasting

The Sports Centre has a new beer supplier! And that a reason for a drink. During the Open Week we organize a beer tasting in cooperation with Grolsch. You will have the opportunity to taste 4 different beers under the guidance of a real connoisseur. There are no costs attached to this activity, but registration is obligatory! Full = full!

Thursday 9th September at 21:00-22:30
Location: SSC Sports Café

SSC tours
Meeting point: Sport’s Café

  • Mon 6 Sep | 19:00
  • Tue 7 Sep| 12:15
  • Wed 8 Sep | 17:00
  • Thu 9 Sep| 17:00
  • Fri 10 Sep| 12:15

Duration: 30 minutes
Location: SSC Entrance
NB: Registration closes two hours before the tour starts! 
Info: Are you interested in a SSC sports card and do you study or work at the TU/e or Fontys, then join the SSC tour. A guide will show you all ins and outs of the SSC and you can ask all your questions to the guide. After the tour you have the opportunity to buy a sports card. When you buy the sports card directly, you will receive an SSC goodie bag! Our guide can help you with the purchase of the sports card. 

Healthy Walk-in
Our Food coach, Physiotherapist and our personal trainer are there for you to answer all your questions about lifestyle. It’s possible to do a Fit Check. Registration is not mandatory

Location: SSC Entrance
Time: 17:00-19:00
Day: Tuesday

Course information
The SSC organizes a lot of different courses you can participate in. If you like to learn more about our courses, Manon or Yvonne are present for all your questions.

Location: SSC Entrance
Time: 17:00-19:00

Fitness Tours
From 6 to 10 September a tour guided by one of the Fitness instructors.

Time: 11:00-11:5 or 19:00-19:15
Meeting point:  SSC Entrance

Squat & deadlift workshop
This workshop takes a closer look at how to correctly perform the complex compound movements squat and deadlift. We will go a little deeper into the technique of the exercises and give you pointers for the basics of a good and safe squat or deadlift. The workshop is suitable for all levels.

Monday 6th September at 18:00-19:15
Location: Playground

Mix cross class

Join an introduction to our (outdoor) small group trainings! During this class you’re going to try out the short versions of the urban cross training, calisthenics training and kettlebell-TRX training.  A good way to discover how much fun you can have at our different trainings and get fit at the same time. See you at the Playground!

Monday 6th September at 19:30-20:30
Location: Playground

Group Classes Technique training
“Want to join group classes or already doing it... but feel like something is missing? During this training we will be going through various exercises with and without weights. This is an opportunity to work in a relaxed environment to improve your technique or even just to ask any questions that you may have about group classes or anything regarding health and exercising.

Is this intersesting for me?

  • Ideal for new participants that want to start doing group classes.
  • If you already attend Body Pump, Grit classes but want to spend a bit of extra time going over technique for any specific tracks this is the ideal class for you.

What do I need to prepare?
Bring a towel, comfortable clothing, indoor shoes and water.
Wednesday 8th September at 19:00-19:50
Location: Hall 2a

Make your own nutrition schedule
In this workshop you will learn in a few steps how to make your own nutrition schedule. After the workshop you can independently adjust your eating pattern to your personal wishes and goals. During the workshop you will first go back to basics and see how to calculate your total energy needs according to the Benedict and Harris formula. Next, the Macro & Micro nutrients will be discussed in detail. Finally, we will map out your own schedule, compare this with the calculations and make adjustments through food changes. Are you ready for a change in your nutrition schedule and would you like to be able to do this yourself?

Wednesday 8th September at 18:30-20:00
Location: MS Teams

Introtrainingen Studentensportverenigingen

Ook de studentensportverenigingen bieden tijdens deze week speciale introductietrainingen aan. Je kunt dan een keer meetrainen bij één of meer van de 37 gezellige & sportieve studentensportverenigingen.