Top sports status

Do you have a top performance in the field of sports and would you like to combine it with a study at TU/e? We are here to support you!

TU/e supports students with dual careers in different ways. Together with you, the TU/e looks at what is needed to combine your studies with your sports career in the best possible way. Together with the SSC, TU/e offers support by means of a free sports card. 

To be eligible for a top sports card, you must meet a number of conditions: 

  • The non-academic career must be pursued at the highest level. This means that you belong to the (sub)top at national or international level of your sport. 
  • You are engaged in top-level sport for at least 16 hours per week.

If you meet these conditions, you may be eligible for top talent status. Do you want to know if you are eligible for this? Please, contact the SSC top sports coordinator Misha Latuhihin of the SSC (only for top athletes) or the student counsellors of the TU/e.