House rules

Together we can make sure that the SSC has a clean and nice environment.

You can only enter the SSC with a valid sports card. If requested by SSC employees, users of its facilities should be able to show that they are allowed to use those facilities at all times.

At the SSC you exercise in sportswear. Furthermore, there are a number of rules for the use of our facilities:

  • Sports shoes for use in the indoor facilities should be clean, not used as outdoor footwear and should be brought separately.
  • The artificial grass pitches (tennis and hockey) may only be used with the appropriate footwear, i.e. with flat soles or specific artificial grass shoes. Shoes with metal studs are strictly forbidden on artificial grass.
  • Shoes that stain (especially black soles) are not allowed.
  • The Dojo must be entered barefoot or with specific footwear.

Sportscard holders are to behave in a sporting manner at all times; both during sports and in the Sports Café and outside of it.

Participation in SSC activities is entirely at your own risk. The SSC does not have any insurance that covers (accident) damage or legal liability of users of the SSC. We advise you to take out adequate third-party liability and accident insurance.

The SSC is not liable for theft, loss or damage of goods of its users.

Smoking is prohibited on the entire TU/e campus and therefore also on the SSC site; both inside and outside.

Consumption is only permitted in the designated consumption areas: the Sport Café, the hockey and tennis pavilion and the Hondsheuvels canteen and their respective adjoining terraces.
It is not permitted to consume, provide or sell food and/or drink on the sports fields, in the changing rooms or elsewhere in the SSC. You are not allowed to bring your own (alcoholic) beverages inside SSC. Neither within the (external) changing rooms, nor within the sports facilities, nor within the aforementioned consumption facilities.

Alcoholic consumptions will only be sold to visitors from 18 years of age. During working days these are sold from 14h00, in the weekends from 12h00.

In case of calamities follow immediately the instructions of our staff.

The facilities used (sports halls, changing room(s), etc.) must be left tidy after use. If necessary, cleaning costs will be charged to the lessee/user.

For valuables you can use the lockers (insert €1,- or an SSC coin, this will be returned after use). The user is responsible for the key. The use of the locker is only allowed during the time that the user is present at the SSC. The lockers will be opened when the SSC closes. The deposit will then expire.

All bicycles and mopeds are to be parked inside the bicycle shelter.

More info can be found here: Parking policy TU/e campus.

The SSC has 11 tennis courts at its disposal (floodlit). The sports card holder can rent rackets and tennis balls at the SSC info counter. It is compulsory to wear sportswear and sports or tennis shoes. You can reserve a court online for one hour. It is not allowed to play tennis with someone else's sports card or with non-sport card holders. The tennis courts should be left tidy after use.

Fitness 1, 2 and 3 are always available for free use. For all the fitness areas we have the following rules:

  • When you enter the fitness areas, please put your luggage in the racks. We advise you to store your valuables in the lockers. Only bring the sports card, a towel and maybe a bottle of water/sports drink to the fitness.
  • Training is not allowed without a towel. Towels can be bought at the info desk for €2,50.
  • Sporting clothes and clean indoor shoes are required.
  • While training with the dumbbells, locks on the bars are required.
  • Never use the bench press alone, make sure there is someone else watching you.
  • Clean the machine with your towel after using it.
  • It is highly recommended not to wear jewelry in the fitness.
  • Phone calls and use of WhatsApp is not allowed.
  • Always follow the instructions from SSC teachers or -employees.
  • Put the dumbbells away when you have finished using them!