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Our Culture Book

"And... what do you do for a living? The ultimate question when you first meet someone. You tell what your tasks are and how you carry them out, what processes and applications you use, and of course whether you like it or not. But why you really do the work, what your purpose is, you don't tell that very quickly. Therefore this Culture Book. We asked our staff and sports teachers one question: "write a story of 100 to max. 250 words describing what working at the SSC means to you and include some images".

Of course, we could have hired copywriters who write in perfect sentences what our core values are, but we'd rather let our employees tell you in their own words why they work at the SSC and how they have experienced 2020. The same employees that have worked their socks off and have overcome quite some obstacles this year, which have united us even more. The same people who have chosen to add their knowledge, skills, beauty and weirdness to the SSC every day. Enjoy!


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