Renovation SSC

On this page you will find all information about the construction and renovation of the SSC. You can also read updates about the project and the current state of affairs here.

New plans for the SSC

In last years, the number of sporting students and staff on the TU/e campus has grown, a great development. To keep up with this growth, an expansion and partial renovation of the SSC will be realized. This will start from June 2022 and is expected to be completed mid-2024. More info: Time capsule burial marks start of SSC expansion

An impression of the future SSC

Phases construction and renovation SSC

Preparatory work

In the first half of August 2022, the current floor of the Gymnasium will be carefully removed and a new Pulastic sports floor will replace it. The wooden floor boards will be reused to furnish the new hospitality area. In addition, from July 11 to August 19, the ceiling tiles of hall 1 will be replaced. See image to illustrate the construction site. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Verify Phase

We are currently in the Verify phase. This phase is intended to further develop the approved designs into a solid Technical Design (TD) and Implementation Design (ID). You can compare this with detailed drawings, both architectural and installation, to adequately start the construction. In this verify phase, the architects, contractor, installation engineers, RE project team and the SSC work closely together to properly identify all work and bottlenecks and arrive at a thorough TD and ID. The image shows the current SSC, click to enlarge.

Construction Phase

According to the current planning the final construction phase can be started from mid-September 2022 (there are also 4 weeks of construction vacation in July-August).

The construction phase is divided into 2 larger phases:

1. Expansion North side: 
Preliminary planning September 2022 - May/June 2023

  • Body&Mind room
  • Large and expanded Fitness areas
  • North side entrance with adjacent also the new physio room and workroom for the Technical staff
  • 4 larger dressing rooms 
  • Dojo​​​​​​

During this phase, the SSC program will remain almost entirely maintained.

At the end of phase 1, we will start using the new rooms early in order to be able to start with phase 2. In the preliminary planning, this will take place in May-June 2023.

2. Expansion and renovation South side: ​​​​​
Preliminary planning June 2023 - February/March 2024

  • New and larger catering facilities 
  • New entrance and infodesk
  • Renovation of (wider) corridors
  • Several new connections within the SSC building to the new bulding on the North side
  • Adapt Fitness 1 into the new Spinning Theatre
  • Adapt Fitness 2 to new PoleFitness and BBB room
  • Adapt Fitness 3 to new group lessons room
  • Current PoleFitness and the Spinning Theatre will become offices and staff/meeting rooms
  • Stairs next to the 'portiersloge' will disappear and will becoma a new North-South connection within the SSC
  • Facades on office side will be replaced/renovated

This is expected to be the construction phase where we will experience the most disruption and need to make adjustments regarding the program and building accessibility. Of course we will communicate this to everyone in a timely manner

And then according to the current planning we will occupy a new and renovated SSC somewhere in March 2024!

The new SSC

On the image, you can see a floor plan of what the SSC will eventually look like and where the various facilities are located.

Visuals different construction phases

Below you can see more visually what the different construction phases will look like.

The latest news about the renovation