Social safety

Contact person for confidentiality matters

We have a contact person for confidentiality matters within the SSC. You can contact this person for any complaints, questions or for a personal conversation. The contact person for confidentiality matters handles all questions of assistance in strict confidentiality. Any action will only be taken with the consent of the person reporting.

Code of Conduct

Everyone at the Student Sports Centre Eindhoven (SSCE), Student Sport Associations (SSAs) and ESSF activities, including students, employees and guests, is entitled to fair treatment. This document details the rules that we all follow, your rights and who you can go to when you feel these rights have been violated.

This Code of Conduct is underwritten and enforced by the Student Sports Centre Eindhoven (SSCE), the Eindhoven Student Sport Federation (ESSF) and the ESSF member associations (together: the signatories). They serve as an extension of the House Rules of the SSCE, ESSF and SSAs and all signatories (and their members) are held accountable to this Code of Conduct by the ESSF.

This Code of Conduct is applicable to all people on the SSCE premises, to all people who make use of facilities of the SSCE or facilities or to all people present at SSA and ESSF activities including those present at training moments of associations that are members of ESSF.