What can you do with a sports card?

What can you do with a sports card?

With a sports card you can do the following:

Group Lessons: participate in ca. 80 group lessons per week Reservations mandatory.
Courses: participate each quartile in (new) courses Reservations mandatory.
38 associations: become a member or train with a student sports association.* Reserveren not necessary | Contact association for correct training hours.
Facilities: Use of the Fitness, Tennis and Squash courts, among other facilities. Reservations mandatory.
Swimming in our swimming pool during the hours of free swimming. Reserveren not necessary
Health & Vitality: courses and services such as Food Coach and Physio Reservations mandatory.

*Only for students and PhD-candidates.

Click on the image below for a clear overview of what you can do with your sports card as a student and what you can do as an employee or alumnus. Note: PhD should purchase an employee subscription as they are employees at TU/e. However, they have the same "sports rights" as students.

Who can purchase a sports card?

The sports card is available to students and employees from the TU/e and Fontys. For students of other hbo and University schools, there is a different arrangement. Students from foreign universities can only purchase a sports card if they can prove they are in NL as part of Erasmus, internship or graduation. We also have an arrangement for TU/e and Fontys Alumni. An overview of all possible subscriptions and prices can be found here.

Sports card loss

In case of loss or theft of the sports card you need to buy a new one at the SSC info counter. You will be charged € 5,00 for this duplicate. For TU/e students and employees the TU/e campus card also serves as your sportscard. In case of loss you need to buy a new TU/e campus card. Your subscription will automatically be transferred to your new Campus card.

Abuse sports card

You can only enter the SSC showing a valid sports card. The sports card is strictly personal and cannot be lent to other people! It is also not possible to bring other people as guests. Any form of abuse will result in the sports card being confiscated and blocked for at least one month. In case of a second offence, the subscription will be stopped permanently, without any refund.