What can you do with a sports card?

What you can do with a sports card

With a sports card you can participate in all sports the SSC offers:

  • ca. 400 group lessons per week. Registration is needed. 
  • Every quartile new courses. Registration is needed.
  • Recreational or on your own level exercising with one of the 38 student sport associations (only students + PhD) Registration with the association is needed.
  • Making use of the various facilities. Reservation is needed. 

Click on the picture above to see what you can do with the sports card as a student and what as an employee or alumnus.

Who can purchase a sports card?

The sports card is available to students and employees from the TU/e and Fontys. For students and employees of other hbo and University schools, there is a different arrangement. We also have an arrangement for TU/e and Fontys Alumni. An overview of all possible subscriptions and prices can be found here.

Sports card loss

In case of loss/theft of the sports card you need to buy a new one at the SSC info counter. You will be charged € 5,00 for this duplicate. For TU/e students and employees the campus card is also your sportscard. In case of loss you need to buy a new TU/e campus card.

Valid sports card

You can only enter the SSC when showing a valid sports card. The sports card is strictly personal. In case of misuse the sports card will be revoked. You only have to purchase this sports card once and then you can extend it every year. For TU/e students and - employees the Campus card functions as a sports card.

The sports card is valid until August 31st 2021, regardless of the moment of purchase. The Month card, 3 Months card and the Half Year Card until 31 January are an exception to this.


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