Health and Vitality

A good health is a condition to be able to exercise!

The range of Health & Vitality is aimed at keeping or making students and staff vital. The movement guidelines of the Knowledge Centre of Sports are the main focus. Our offer consists of: events, courses, workshops and advice, all with the aim of being able to exercise enough. If the body does not allow you to carry out your daily activities for a while, we offer advice and can refer you to a care provider. Furthermore, we find it important to be preventive and therefore we offer various programmes to keep you vital. 

Partners: Sportplein Eindhoven and Topsupport-St-Anna.

(Online) Fit Breaks

A Fit Break is a 15 minute stretch class at your ‘home office’. Experience the Fit Break and feel what it does to your body.  

Join the Fit Break Club! 

Never forget your daily active breaks during study or work with our Fit Breaks! Get some fresh energy, stretch your muscles and socialize a bit. The Fit Break brings all these components together. In a 15-minute online meeting, you take the break you need, get stretching exercises from a professional instructor, and socialize with others through MS Teams! You don't need any sportswear.  

And the best part? We have a Fit Break Club! When you join our club, you'll never forget to take that 15-minute break again. You will automatically receive invitations to all Fit Breaks one week in advance. Send an email to d.j.c.guldemond@tue.nlto become a free member.

Special Fit Break treatment 
You don't have a sports card? Or want to have a break with your department? Then you can have a special Fit Break treatment. Our special trained SSC-instructors offer you and your colleagues a short break full of relaxation-, strength- and stretch exercises. The program focusses on your shoulders, neck, and back and can be adapted to the individual needs of the group. The program takes place on a day & time of your preference and all exercises can be done in your working clothes. For 10 weeks, you will do different exercises for your body and mind. After 15 minutes of fun with your colleagues, its time to get back to work. Your head will be free again and you will continue work with a boost of motivation and concentration. 
Fit Breaks: €150,- per 10 weeks 
One-time Fit Break: €20,- 

*On Location*  
Fit Break 10 weeks: €250,- 
One-time Fit Break: €30,- 
Want to join? Plan a Fit Break by sending an email to Daan Guldemond: 

Vitality Week

The Vitality week, in which the Day of Physical Health takes place, is an annual event during for TU/e employees and students. You don't need a sports card to participate in this week. During this week all TU/e students and employees are invited to participate in challenging, playful and informative activities about health and vitality. This week will be organized by the Students Sports Centre together with different partners on the campus. 

Registrations open in early November 2021. Keep an eye on our website for more information. For questions, please contact:

We will announce the program here in mid-October 2021.

KANS/RSI Instruction

The KANS/RSI instruction is an cooperation with the AMVS/DPO and is regularly organized for new students and employees. It is possible to follow the group instruction on location or online. For questions or more information you can email Rebeka Trča; Also have a look at our video about KANS/RSI.


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